TOPS Online Application for 2024 or 2025 Graduates

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To apply for TOPS, you must use ONE of the two applications that follow:
You must have your parent or custodian assist you in completing this application.
1. You Must Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if:
  • You think your family will qualify for need based financial aid or federal grant aid (click here for determination of federal grant aid eligibility) OR
  • You want to be considered for all programs, including TOPS, Federal grants, student loans and work study jobs, OR
  • You are an “Independent Student.”
2. You May Complete the Online Application for TOPS instead of the FAFSA if:
  • TOPS is the only state program for which you are applying
  • You do not qualify for Federal Grant Aid (Federal Pell Grant)
  • You are a 2024 or 2025 high school graduate who is applying for TOPS for thefirst timeand will not file the FAFSA at a later date.
  • You are a Louisiana high school graduate enrolling in a Louisiana college after havingattended an out-of-state college.
High School Graduates - The TOPS application deadline is July 1 following the one year anniversary of high school graduation. For example, if you graduate in 2024, you MUST file your FAFSA or TOPS Online Application so that it is received by the federal processor by July 1, 2025 to receive full TOPS funding. However, to ensure timely processing and award notification, students are strongly encouraged to file at least six weeks prior to entry into college. Be sure to PRINT and RETAIN your dated FAFSA or TOPS Online Application confirmation page that includes the confirmation number in case verification of timely filing is required. No payment of a TOPS award will be made until the initial FAFSA or online application has been received and you have been determined eligible for a TOPS award.